Basic Sea Kayaking Course

pclevel1_sealegs-kayaking-lessonsGain the confidence to paddle safely in deeper waters with the Sealegs’ Custom Sea Kayaking Certification Course.

This course offers 12 hours of practical sessions on the beach and in the ocean. The course is held over a 2-day period and is open to individuals 12 years of age and over.

You will learn:

  • Basic kayak orientation
  • Dock entry
  • Capsize & Recovery with & without a sprayskirt
  • Self rescue with & without a paddle float
  • Assisted rescues
  • Kayak etiquette
  • Paddle strokes (forward, back, forward sweep, reverse sweep
    stopping, turning with/out a rudder, sculling, draw stroke)
  • Basic navigation and weather analysis
  • Trip preparation tips and learn how to pack your kayak
  • Safety
  • Equipment overview

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a Sea Kayaking Certificate of Competency

No. of Hours:12 hours total
2017 Dates:May 27-28,
June 24-25
Cost:$279 per person plus GST
Location:Sealegs Eco-Adventure Center, Transfer Beach, Ladysmith