Used Kayaks

Sealegs Kayaking currently has a limited number of used kayaks for sale at our beachfront Eco-Adventure Centre in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island. We will be offering more used kayaks for sale again at the end of the 2022 season.

Give us a call at 250-245-4096 or e-mail us at

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Reval Midi Carbon/Kevlar


Our Reval series is a family of full-blooded seafaring kayaks. The Reval’s design elements attest to one thing: Here is the kayak of choice for those who want peace of mind when they find themselves out there at the mercy of the waves. The Reval’s streamlined “banana-shaped” hull with a noticeably lower back is a stylish sight. But it is not only about good looks. The Reval is ideal for adrenaline seekers, as these kayaks have excellent stability and navigability even in breaking waves and strong winds. The dry storage compartments of various sizes, an appealing selection of colours, and an optional full carbon hull guarantee that our Reval series will become your beloved companion for all of your open water adventures.

Please note that all prices and availability subject to change. Please call to confirm!