Used Kayaks

Sealegs Kayaking currently has a limited selection of new and used kayaks for sale at our beachfront Eco-Adventure Centre in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island. We will be offering used kayaks for sale again at the end of the 2020 season,.

Give us a call at 250-245-4096 or e-mail us at

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Used Single Sea Kayaks

Boreal DesignEpsilon P200YellowRotomolded2018$1,899$1,499
Boreal DesignEpsilon P200SunsetRotomolded2018$1,899$1,499
Boreal DesignEpsilon P200Lime SprayRotomolded2018$1,899$1,699
Boreal DesignEpsilon T200YellowThermoform2018$2,199

Used SUPs

Corran AddisonTahitiRedPlastic$669$375
Corran AddisonBali Red/YellowInflatable$1,199.99SOLD
Corran Addison BaliRed/YellowInflatable$1,199.99SOLD

Used Double Sea Kayaks and Sit Upon Kayaks

We do not currently have double sea kayaks or sit upon kayaks for sale. Select makes and models may be available for end of season sales in August.

Please note that all prices and availability subject to change. Please call to confirm!